Integrated Managed next-generation Firewall

Businesses are faced with a never-ending barrage of cyber threats. From hackers to viruses and malware to data leaks caused by your own staff, there’s no end to the ways security breaches can compromise your network, data and your business. Companies that succumb to threats can suffer dire consequences. At the same time, stacking diverse solutions for performance management and security can be complicated and can add points of failure to your network.

Protect your network with an integrated SD-Security solution from Nitel. You’ll be able to safely enable applications, users and content while reducing your threat footprint. And using the same platform as your Nitel SD-WAN, you’ll manage your network performance and security all from a single, easy-to-use administrator console.

Take your SD-Security solution a step further with Nitel’s Unified Threat Management capabilities. Stay ahead of web-based threats with advanced features like intrusion protection and detection (IDS/IPS), virus and malware protection and URL filtering.