Aging infrastructure and lax cybersecurity are persistent challenges in healthcare. With the tidal shift to Telehealth and remote work, intelligent network management (SD-WAN) is pivotal to delivering reliable and efficient patient care.

Support Telehealth

Video conferencing sits at the core of Telehealth. Intelligent networks follow policies that prioritize large-bandwidth applications while maintaining full functionality for applications driving other business functions.

Digital Transformation

Moving applications to the cloud is a cardinal principle for healthcare organizations engaged in digital transformation. Deliver successful health outcomes with efficient and instantaneous data sharing and collaboration.

Security across locations

The word “breach” in the healthcare industry generates a double-sense of vulnerability, negatively impacting both institutions and patients. Cloud-based security solutions provide a secure environment that delivers peace of mind across all locations.

limit Vendor Sprawl

Managing dispersed healthcare facilities can mean maintaining network connectivity and security across an unruly number of technology vendors. Consolidate your technology services under Nitel for easier management and maintenance.