One Stop for Network Anywhere

Extending networks beyond your physical footprint can be tricky business. Your network doesn’t reach everywhere – none of them do. So that leaves you to stitch together a patchwork of off-net vendors to reach your customers. And managing contracts, pricing, provisioning, billing and maintenance across all of them takes valuable time away from focusing on more important things.

Nitel simplifies the complex telecom landscape for carriers and service providers through our highly interconnected network that delivers instant ubiquitous coverage at the best price.  Because Nitel is your single point of contact for worldwide network connectivity, you gain from the efficiencies and cost savings of having one provider for instant global coverage. You can expand your reach instantly, while streamlining contracting and back-office administration.

Nitel delivers simplicity and customization for carriers and service providers looking to:

  • Reach individual customer locations
  • Extend network into new geographic areas
  • Augment or complement existing vendor relationships
  • Reduce off-net costs
  • Augment existing product set
  • Accelerate access to off-net areas