In the fast-paced world of retail, resilient networks are essential for continuous access to inventory and payment records to support driving omnichannel experiences. Nitel provides comprehensive, managed and co-managed solutions through our Managed Service Center that keep retailers at the front counter rather than entangled in network management.

SECURE Omnichannel Retail

Maintain fast and reliable performance for the many applications that process your transactions, store data, and provide customers with opportunities to shop in store or online.


Secure, fast, and reliable traffic flow is essential for providing your customers with a seamless and faultless shopping experience that minimizes downtime, latency, or errors. Through solutions like broadband internet with a backup wireless internet services, retailers rest easy that customers can engage with your business with ease. SD-WAN solutions simplify network optimization and management. Best yet, you have real-time access to high-quality diagnostic data delivered to you in a centralized management interface.

Simplified Vendor Management

Delivering network access to dispersed locations can be a vendor management nightmare. Through Nitel’s aggregated access capabilities, you consolidate all of your network access through a single vendor, reducing headaches related to multi-vendor service delivery, billing and maintenance.