Coverage and Peace of Mind

Nitel simplifies the complex landscape of DSL providers to deliver resilient, high-performing networks for customers everywhere. As your business relies more and more on the internet and as you move applications to the cloud, your connections are critical. DSL is a reliable failover option for primary dedicated internet or MPLS connections. For single-person offices, non-critical traffic or difficult-to-reach locations, DSL can even serve as a primary connection.

Nitel’s expert engineering staff is ready to help. Let us help you decide what will work best to drive your business to the next level.

DSL solutions offer customers options for several common applications:

  • Cost-effective failover for primary internet connections
  • Affordable internet access for non-critical traffic
  • Internet access at difficult-to-reach locations or small offices
  • Additional bandwidth for times of peak traffic
  • Alternative to cable internet