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Your customers are ready for sase. Are you?

Since Gartner introduced the SASE concept, it has quickly become accepted as a framework for cloud adoption. But what is it and what does it mean for your customers?

SASE is a vision for converging networking and security into a unified cloud platform, and it is built on a collection of existing underlying technologies. The intent of SASE is to consolidate various security services, along with SD-WAN, into a single solution that is highly scalable and easy to manage while being able to support all types of edge devices and users.

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MyNitel Portal Demo: Convenience & Peace of Mind for your customers

Get a first-hand look at the new MyNitel customer portal! Powered by Nitel’s all-new Hyperdrive OSS engine, MyNitel is packed with easy-to-use functionality so your customers can easily and efficiently manage their Nitel services through every step of the customer journey.

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Boost your marketing with the nitel partner accelerator Program

As a channel partner and business owner, every day you juggle responsibilities ranging from sales to customer service to accounting and everything in between. Reaching new customers and delivering new value to existing ones is critical to moving your business forward.

This means marketing. Nitel’s Partner Accelerator Program delivers tailored, hands-off, no-cost marketing support. Check out our webinar to learn more about this valuable program.



While Barracuda is traditionally known as a security provider, their SD-WAN service, coupled with the Nitel-Connect SD-WAN platform, has proven to be a great option.
We teamed up with Barracuda to take you through the top features of the customer portal.

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CISCO SECURE SD-WAN & Nitel-connect: reliability, optimization and security

The integration of Cisco Secure SD-WAN technology and the Nitel-Connect SD-WAN platform provide customers with a valuable combination of private-network reliability, cloud optimization and integrated security.
We teamed up with Cisco to take you through the top features of the customer portal.

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How Security Pressures on Customers Could Mean Big Opportunity for You

When it comes to an organization’s security strategy, the pressure is high.  These pressures open the door for you to start talking to your customers about managed security.

Since many customers don’t have the skills or resources necessary to manage their organization’s security strategy, many are looking for a service provider to either work in conjunction with their in-house team or to be the sole handler of their security program.

Our special guest will cover:

  • Evaluating your customer’s current security strategy
  • Benefits of a managed security solution
  • Overview of managed threat detection, security testing and incident response


If your customer’s business did not have a scalable plan business continuity plan in place a few weeks ago, it’s likely they ran into some challenges as they tried to react to our current situation. What can they do now so their business and employees and operate effectively? How can they be better prepared should a similar situation come up in the future?


Find the Perfect Fit for Your Customer With Nitel’s Multiple SD-WAN Platforms

Sifting through the different SD-WAN products to find the right fit for your customers can be overwhelming. Join our webinar to learn how our engineering team simplifies this process and leverages multiple SD-WAN platforms to suit the unique needs of your customers. After our thorough needs assessment, you can rest assured your customer’s solution has the capabilities they need without paying for features they don’t.

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What services are covered by E-rate? How do customers apply for funding? What’s the difference between SPI and BEAR funding? Around this time of year, we start to receive questions like these about E-rate.

Listen to our webinar recording demystifying the E-rate program. We will focus on key elements of the program and share a case study from a recent customer so you can walk away better equipped to serve your customers and win more business.

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Ask any CIO when their organization last performed a vulnerability assessment and it likely wasn’t recent enough. Most lack the internal IT resources and expertise to detect and prioritize the tens of thousands of unique vulnerabilities. Even when organizations do carry out security testing on their own, they probably aren’t as effective as a third-party. Organizations need to know what vulnerabilities exist on their network, how a breach would impact their organization and how to prevent it.
That’s where we come in. Our latest webinars will arm you with the knowledge necessary to keep your customers out of the headlines.

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When we talk to partners or customers about business continuity, we usually end up talking about using network diversity as a way to avoid costly downtime.

But did you know there are actually 6 methods for achieving a diverse network? Join elite partner advocate, Joe Martinez, for our latest webinars where he’ll explain what each of the six types mean and what type or types of diversity will best fit customers’ needs.

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As your customers move more of their business applications, platforms and resources to the cloud, performance and security become increasingly important to ensure a positive user experience and protect their data. Cloud connection services are the answer.

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When people think of 4G wireless internet, they often see it as a redundancy option. However, as carrier offerings have evolved, 4G wireless has become a viable primary option, especially in hard-to-reach locations, remote offices or under-served areas. We’ll explore how a 4G solution can help you provide better solutions, delight your customers and increase your income.

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bulletproof your customer’s network

Whether it’s a harmful virus, compromising spyware, or inappropriate content, Nitel gives your customers the technology and expertise to defend against cyberthreats of all kinds. From enterprise-grade protection to rock-solid protection for an SMB — or even a distributed security architecture to avoid bottlenecks — Nitel has a solution to fit their business.

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The Nitel Advantage

Want to learn how to turn an off-net struggle into an on-net win? Interested in learning how security can change the game for SD-WAN? Check out our 15-minute webinar explaining Nitel’s offerings and the power of the Nitel Network.

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Network and Security Challenges Solved

Tune in to this 30-minute webinar to explore common network and security challenges and possible SD-WAN solutions.

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BIG Wins with Nitel

This year has seen its share of big wins with Nitel. Join this webinar for three use cases demonstrating how we’ve helped our partners solve their customer’s network issues while driving revenue.

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Nitel Sweet Spots

When should you think Nitel? Check out this webinar covering three popular use cases where Nitel wins. Covering SD-WAN success stories, as well as the benefits of our interconnected network platform, this webinar will leave you ready to tackle your next opportunity with the best Nitel has to offer.

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