As a channel partner and business owner, every day you juggle responsibilities ranging from sales to customer service to accounting and everything in between. Reaching new customers and delivering new value to existing ones is critical to moving your business forward.

This means marketing.

But even if you had the time to put together a marketing strategy (which you probably don’t), executing it takes time, money and know-how. Sadly, most partners get discouraged or distracted and don’t move forward.

A hands-off Approach for Partners

Nitel’s Partner Accelerator Program delivers hands-off, no-cost marketing support for partners, giving you:

  • Reach — complement your sales efforts with more ways to get in front of customers
  • Expertise — strategic guidance based on sound marketing fundamentals
  • Opportunities — increase your sales effectiveness and access more opportunities

Support…the way you need it

You know your business best, so we’re not here to tell you how to run it. The Partner Accelerator Program uses a flexible approach to providing the marketing support you need. We’ll work to understand your needs and deliver a tailored program that addresses the areas where we can provide the greatest impact.

Example programs include:

  • Customized collateral development
  • Custom hands-off email campaigns
  • Web copy
  • Event co-sponsorship
  • Newsletter contribution
  • And more…

Contact your Nitel channel manager or download the pdf to learn more.