Access to the cloud is critical to keeping your business operating at the highest level. So disruptions in connectivity or an unexpected spike in traffic just can’t slow you down. With 4G wireless connectivity from Nitel, you have high-quality, high-speed internet access ready to take over if your primary connection experiences a disruption or gets maxed out.

Now, with the purchase of any dedicated internet access service with Nitel managed router, you’ll receive Nitel’s 4G Wireless Internet service at no additional charge.

Only Pay for What You Use

Unlike most backup services that incur a cost whether or not you use it, you’ll never pay a dime for Nitel 4G Wireless Internet while it’s in a standby mode. If you run traffic over the 4G connection, you’ll pay only for the data you use – not a penny more.

Reliable Nationwide Coverage

Nitel partners with the most trusted and reliable wireless network providers in the country. With Nitel’s 4G Wireless Internet service, you can count on lightning fast connectivity to deliver your business-critical data to the cloud or your other business locations.

  • Promotion ends November 2, 2021
  • Free 4G service promotion (“Promotion”) available with any fiber or copper-based dedicated internet access service with Nitel managed router. Promotion does not apply to DSL or cable broadband services.
  • Promotion includes a waiver of monthly access fees related to 4G wireless service.  Customer is responsible for monthly usage, billed at $10 per GB
  • Promotion remains in effect as long as dedicated internet access remains in service. If customer disconnects dedicated internet access but would like to continue using 4G wireless internet service, regular monthly fees apply.