According to Gartner, communications services make up 36% of the $3.6 trillion dollars enterprises will spend on IT worldwide IN 2021

With enterprises continuing to undergo digital transformation by modernizing their IT environments, high-performance, flexible networks are critical.

offer a more complete solution

Partner with Nitel to complement your cloud solutions with Nitel’s next-generation network offerings. Your customers will benefit from end-to-end solutions that deliver robust cloud and on-premises reach to enable and optimize a successful digital transformation. Like cloud computing, Nitel solutions scale to grow with changing business needs.

introduce a new, recurring revenue stream

As a Nitel partner, your business will realize recurring revenue for the life of every one of our mutual customers. As we continue to collaborate on projects, your revenue continues to grow, offering a significant opportunity for your business to experience new growth without significant risk or investment.

Lean on Our Expertise

With Nitel in your corner, you don’t have to be network experts to give your customers access to high-performing, secure network services. We’ll provide the technical and account resources you need to design and deploy customized solutions that enable your customers’ digital transformation and network modernization projects.