How knowing your client will boost your sales…

Even the most devout “brick and mortar” businesses are affected by Internet tools and social networking. From oil & gas to education, traditional industries are no longer as traditional as you’d think. So what does this mean for your clients?

Telecom is Empowerment. This is true for small businesses in particular. Selling to a smaller client can provide them with the newest methods for improving their efficiency as well as reducing their costs while allowing them to self-manage.

So, how can you hone in on the key benefits that will really grab their interest and meet their needs? Understanding your clients’ requirements is a daunting task, but being conscious of a few key components of a client’s industry will help you ask the right questions, which will build trust. If you’re able to start a sales call by directly addressing the security needs of a high-end retail company, chances are you will close with an order because the customer feels you know what is best for them.

An agent can really leverage themselves by giving customers a reason to walk away thinking “That salesperson really knows what they’re talking about!”. Being armed with simple industry specific details and picking up on what is important can help you boost your sales and plan your strategy before you even make contact. Here are some fast facts that will help you:

  • Oil & Gas- These clients require remote connectivity across distances due to their specific, and often extreme, location requirements. Providing them with a service that offers secure, reliable access in these hard-to-reach locations is key.
  • Education- Distance learning, from kindergarten through graduate school, is a dominating trend in education because it enables students in rural locations access to greater educational opportunities. This field is notorious for budget restrictions, so emphasize the cost-effectiveness of an upgraded network.
  • Retail- For clients whose prime focus is the quality, safety, and profitability of its products, a state-of-the-art network can facilitate a better customer experience as well as tighter controls on inventory and loss prevention. Things like surveillance, security, POP displays & kiosks, and payment methods are improved through the implementation of networks that can efficiently transmit secure data among locations.

Overall: Capitalize on services that enable growth or reduce cost! Regardless of size or industry, businesses are searching for ways to become more profitable. Offer your client ways to leverage advances in network technology to achieve their business goals in a cost-effective way.

Communications technology is the driving force of growth in just about every industry. Optimize their profit potential and cut expenses by offering cost-effective, flexible network services from Nitel.