Nitel’s Chicago-based 24/7 NOC includes three levels of technicians, each with increasing amounts of expertise and experience. With 10-15 technicians working at any given time, the team manages about 1,300 inbound calls a month, ranging from routine maintenance to outages or even restoring service after natural disasters. While every issue is treated with proper attention, outages require a special sense of urgency. An outage – even a short one – can have a devastating impact on a customer’s ability to function. With stakes this high, diagnosing and fixing the problem quickly is absolutely essential.

Our NOC received a call on a Sunday afternoon from a banking customer experiencing a routing issue on their network. Their internet access was completely down. Time was of the essence, as their internet connection was vital to the regular operation of their business.

Vendor Error Impacts Internet Connectivity

The issue arose when the customer was implementing a newly installed Nitel circuit into their customer production environment outside of standard business hours. When we detected that internet access was lost, the lead technician scrambled to notify the customer and get all involved parties on the phone right away to diagnose the problem.­­ Using a consultative approach, our technicians methodically asked detailed questions about every step of the initial configuration to understand what went wrong. We discovered that the customer’s third-party vendor forgot to request a critical configuration change earlier in the pre-implementation process. The initial configuration was not routing the internet traffic correctly, preventing traffic from ever reaching the internet.

Our team immediately shifted gears to remedy the problem, which meant a complete reconfiguration of the customer’s existing network. The team made these changes remotely, taking the burden off the customer. They completed a successful test of the network and received firsthand confirmation from the customer that it was performing as it should.

Quick Solutions, Happy Customers

From start to finish, our team diagnosed the issue, came up with a solution and implemented it – bringing the customer’s internet back up in under three hours. The quick action and deep experience of our NOC avoided a potentially prolonged and disastrous outage that weekend and allowed the customer to open on Monday without any negative effects.

Experiences like this drove the NOC’s customer satisfaction score of 4.92 out of 5 for that month, a proud moment for the team and the company. By answering customer calls in an average of 19 seconds, particularly in an industry where it is not unusual to sit on hold for over an hour, Nitel has developed a reputation for its responsiveness. This keeps business moving and customers happy.