Agents Will Receive Equal Bonuses on Off-net and On-net Sales

Chicago, IL [September 11, 2013] – Nitel, a nationwide managed telecom service provider, announced at the Cloud Partners event in Chicago that it is rolling out a one-of-a-kind bonus program for new and existing agents.

Through the end of the year, Nitel agents will receive a 1xMRR bonus on sales of MPLS or dedicated Internet services, on both local access and ports.  Making the offer simpler, more enticing to agents and unique in the marketplace, Nitel will offer the same bonus program for both on-net and off-net services.

“Because of the recent expansion and aggressive pricing on our network, we are confident that the Nitel network is the best customer solution in almost every case,” commented Nitel CEO Rick Stern.  “But where a client’s needs dictate a solution that goes off-net, we believe that an agent should benefit just the same.”

Building on the company’s ability to provide service to any location in the United States, Nitel has executed an aggressive network expansion plan by delivering on-net services to over 99,000 fiber-connected, non-RBOC buildings.  This has ushered in ultra-competitive pricing, particularly in metro markets.  Chief Operating Officer Ron Grason elaborated on the company’s recent growth.  “Right now, we’re focused on expanding our footprint, product reach and industry-best pricing.  In the last month we added over 22,000 new fiber-lit, non-RBOC buildings throughout the Southeast.  In the coming year, we look to deploy additional strategic interconnect points and even more lit buildings.”

With MPLS and Internet services on the Nitel network, clients also receive convenient access to network monitoring, trouble ticket management and invoice history through its industry-first iPhone app and web portal, MyNitel.

“The MyNitel app is a true game changer for agents looking for an edge in a competitive marketplace,” Stern added.

Agents interested in learning more about the SPIFF program or the Nitel network can contact their Nitel channel manager or visit