Customers can expect enhanced network performance, VOICE experience

CHICAGO – Monday, January 21 – Nitel, a leading nationwide next-generation technology services provider, announced that they have completed a multi-site interconnection with Nextiva, a voice-over-internet protocol company focused on the area of cloud-based communication. The advancement will provide customers with the best possible voice experience across the Nitel network.

Last August, the two companies announced a strategic partnership that would provide agents and customers with a comprehensive network and unified communication solution. The recent development interconnects the Nextiva and Nitel networks in five common points of presence (POPs). This guarantees end-to-end QoS (quality of service), resulting in higher voice quality. The integration also provides greater visibility for Nitel’s technical support team so they can expedite troubleshooting.

“In building on our partnership with Nextiva, we will deliver better voice quality and a simplified customer experience,” said Lawrence Edmond, Nitel’s senior vice president of engineering. “Partners have already showed great interest in our combined best-of-breed solution. Having completed our network integration, they can have a new level of confidence that they are recommending the absolute best for their customers.”

“Nextiva always looks for the best of the best when choosing a strategic partner like Nitel,” said Ira Feuerstein, Nextiva’s vice president of strategic partnerships. “We are excited beyond belief due to the great synergies of our sales teams and now between our networks. This is going to make it simple for Nextiva and Nitel partners to sell a true world class solution”

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