Recently, Nitel co-founder and CEO Rick Stern sat down with an interview with CEOCFO Magazine to talk about the unique differences Nitel offers its clients and partners.  Highlights from the interview include:

On Nitel’s recently expanded nationwide IP network:  “We have six points of presence, or POPs, around the country in Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York, with newly opened POPs in Dallas and Denver.  Our network leverages last-mile access from over 130 providers to bring traffic to any of these strategically deployed POPs.  This results in ubiquitous nationwide coverage for our clients.”

On Nitel’s unique approach to client services: “We have industry-best customer tools, service, and pricing, but take more of a boutique approach to our client services.  The customer matters much more to Nitel.  We have state-of-the-art facilities, the same as every other carrier, but it is really the personal touch that differentiates us.

On Nitel’s future in 2014: “We will continue to build the network and become our own backbone provider.  As we develop the network, it opens up the doors for additional product development where cloud services are a natural fit.”

The full text of the interview with CEOCFO Magazine can be read and shared here.