Offers Channel Partners and Enterprise Customers Greater Internet Coverage Globally Regardless of Location or Application

CHICAGO – January 8, 2024— Nitel, a leading network-as-a-service (NaaS) provider, announced today the availability of Low Earth Orbit satellite (LEO) internet access, a low-latency internet service known to deliver reliable internet service in remote regions and other challenging network service areas.

With the launch of the LEO satellite internet access, Nitel is not just expanding wireless service offerings but redefining what wireless connectivity can achieve. “This advancement represents a significant leap in our commitment to provide cutting-edge, comprehensive wireless solutions,” said Rob Gianquinto, Nitel’s senior vice president of Supply Chain and Pricing. “Our customers will now have access to a spectrum of services that seamlessly blend the latest in satellite technology with our robust terrestrial offerings, ensuring unparalleled connectivity solutions.”

According to Gianquinto, the LEO satellite internet access is currently available to customers in over 35 countries, which aligns with Nitel’s Globalization strategy to significantly expand its worldwide footprint. As that number of countries is expected to nearly double the LEO coverage in the coming months, Nitel reaffirms its commitment to deliver global connectivity solutions. Early in 2023, Nitel announced a strategy to expand its international footprint which will pave the way for unparalleled access and communication across continents.

LEO uses a network of small satellites in low Earth orbit to deliver high-speed internet access. These satellites communicate with ground stations and user terminals (satellite dishes) to provide internet connectivity. At less than 100 milliseconds, LEO offers significantly lower round trip latency than traditional geostationary satellites which typically range from 400-700 milliseconds. Especially in remote or underserved areas, this will enable businesses to use the service for a broader set of applications like video streaming and real-time communications.

Understanding the complex network needs of modern businesses, Nitel’s LEO service is fully integrated with Nitel’s advanced SD-WAN, SASE and other security solutions. This integration means businesses can now leverage the flexibility of SD-WAN and SASE with the extended reach of LEO satellite technology. Whether it’s enhancing bandwidth, optimizing routes, or ensuring failover capabilities, the combination of LEO and SD-WAN offers an unprecedented level of network agility and resilience.

“We are very excited about LEO because of what it can offer to under-served and broadband-challenged areas,” said Gianquinto. “Regardless of the application or business need, LEO is an attractive solution, even over traditional satellite-based internet solutions and becomes even more appealing when integrated with traditional land-based solutions such as SD-WAN.”