CHICAGO, December 15, 2021 – Nitel, a leading next-generation technology services provider, and Infolob Solutions, a powerhouse next-generation digital technology company in the areas of middleware, full stack and open source, security, design thinking, and user experience, today announced a strategic partnership agreement that extends Nitel’s communications network and cybersecurity capabilities to Infolob as an augmentation to its digital, Oracle cloud, and application modernization solutions.

The partnership has significant implications for enterprises seeking greater simplicity as they undergo digital transformation.  Customers stand to reduce network costs by up to 45% while reducing vendor complexity by consolidating a wider share of technology solutions under a single provider.

“As IT environments increase in complexity and enterprises see an urgent need to shift to the cloud, the market is craving ways to consolidate managing these highly-technical processes, systems and networks,” commented Nitel executive vice president of sales and marketing Mark Dickey. “By partnering with Infolob, we can deliver customer value that’s greater than the sum of its parts.”

“As Infolob’s largest clients continue to explore cloud and hybrid cloud computing for their enterprise database platforms, our partnership with Nitel allows us to provide the managed connectivity resources required to support these critical business environments,” commented Tim Fox, managing director of data services at Infolob Solutions.

The two companies will continue to go to market leveraging current direct and indirect channels.

About Infolob

Infolob Solutions, Inc. is a prosperous information technology consulting organization dedicated to customer satisfaction via flawless digital transformation and admirable managed services. Founded in 2009 as a certified small business and MBE specializing in Oracle technologies, Infolob acquired Oracle Platinum Partner status in 2012, Cloud Standard Partner status in 2019, ISO 9001-2015 certification in 2021, and currently has offices in Harrisburg, PA, Alpharetta, GA, and Hyderabad, India. Our innovation lab is in Irving, TX.

While building a world-class Oracle practice, the Infolob leadership team has created a powerhouse next-gen digital technology company in the areas of middleware, full stack and open source, security, design thinking, and user experience over the last decade. Our 225+ remarkable IT talent pool is serving public and private sector organizations across the U.S. diligently right this moment.

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