MPLS networks ensure that workers at any office location, branch or even home office can access the company network day or night over a secure, reliable network connection. This means that your clients improve productivity, getting the most out of their staff.

3 Things You Should Pitch to Your Multi-Site Clients:

  • Security – Labels are what make this network inherently more secure than the everyday Internet. An MPLS network provides your client with a network-wide private connection that will only allow data to travel between authenticated sites and will never cross over into the public domain.
  • Flexibility – Businesses are constantly expanding and downsizing, so an adaptive network is key. MPLS services provide a customizable VPN that enables clients to manage who has access to their networks and from where. Any-to-any MPLS connectivity will empower employees and bolster productivity regardless of location.
  • Reliability- One of the greatest benefits of MPLS is built in disaster recovery and site status updates. In the event one or more of the sites on your client’s network goes down, all traffic will be redirected to another location. They can rest assured that their data will always be safe, secure and accessible.

MPLS Provides Residual Income on Long-Term Deals

If you’re like most agents, you want to lock in residual income by securing long-term contracts. Providing MPLS services to your multi-location clients will help align your goals while delivering value to your clients.