At Nitel, we have a smart, energetic and interesting group of people who make up our team. The unique set of experiences, skills and interests they each bring helps shape who we are as company. Stephanie McGhee, a regional channel director in Florida, brings 32 years of sales, 21 years of telecom and 5 years of channel experience to Nitel. We sat down with Stephanie to learn a little more about her.

  1. What are three words you would choose to describe yourself?
    Determined, positive and goal-driven.
  2. What’s your proudest moment working at Nitel?
    When my partners have positive feedback on our meetings. Our industry is very competitive and its my job to ensure they understand our product portfolio and why we are the best choice!
  3. What is most rewarding about your job?
    Providing a solution that results in a happy customer and partner.
  4. What is something you have learned while working at Nitel?
    Never assume. Always follow up with additional questions or comments.
  5. What advice would you give to someone starting their career in telecom?
    Observe top performers on your team. Understand what makes them successful and customize it to fit your style.
  6. How do you define success?
    I’m successful when I’m making people happy, personally and professionally. Whether it’s cooking a holiday meal for family or helping a partner solve an issue for a customer, it’s all very gratifying.
  7. What’s your motto or personal mantra?
    Hard work pays off. I have instilled strong work ethic in my children as well and all are very happy and successful.
  8. Talk about something you’re passionate about outside of work.
    My husband and I love boating on the St John’s river. It’s about a mile from our home and are on the water as much as possible.
  9. What’s your favorite movie?
    I love to laugh so my favorite move is Dumber and Dumber.
  10. Name one item on your bucket list.
    To travel to Prague. My family is from there and I’ve always wanted to visit.
  11. What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
    Nashville, TN. I love music and the city is so much fun.
  12. If you were a Nitel service, which one would you be and why?
    4G Wireless internet back-up. It helps avoid downtime and loss of revenue and productivity.