Prospecting is simply discarding all the unqualified leads and retaining the “gold”. The ideal prospect is one that already knows what they need, and they need it now. This gold nugget may be hard to seek out, but it can lead you to a gold mine of future sales.  The old school way of prospecting for business relies on contacting large numbers of cold contacts. However, quality supersedes quantity.



You must find prospects that have a propensity and a possible motive to buy your product or services. This is a quick process if you ask the right questions. Don’t waste time on people unmotivated or unable to buy. REMEMBER: Focus on the gold.


Once you know the client’s needs, you can start fulfilling them. Find out and build your strategy around how your product can benefit their business. In negotiations, appeal to their needs and offer solutions for their ALREADY EXISTING problems. Aim to be the answer to their wishes and offer the golden solution to their frustrations. Dig deeper by provoking emotional involvement, sympathize and solve.


A gold nugget can easily turn out to simply be fool’s gold. Sometimes a client may be running in circles. Others may try to drag you along or they might not even be the decision maker. You will not profit from a lump of fool’s gold, and you certainly will not be able to change it into a gold nugget. The key is to know when to move along.  Do this in a professional manner. Do not damage your reputation by getting frustrated, but don’t dawdle when tossing them back.

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