Find out how Cloud Computing will help your businesses reach new heights!
Delivering high-performance applications through the cloud has become one of the biggest topics in technology. One of the biggest reasons is the increased reliability, security, and robustness of the networks that deliver them.

The best Cloud based applications are typically more mobile, transferable, and accessible than desktop software or client-server based applications. They can also be more cost effective, eliminating overhead associated with servers and other premise based equipment.

Cloud applications have become more sophisticated as technology has advanced. Here are some other factors to consider as your clients consider a move to the cloud:

  • Data Security-Data is typically stored in multiple locations. Especially for small companies, cloud providers can offer a cost-effective, secure option with built in disaster recovery.
  • Flexibility of Storage Space-Clients no longer have to worry about overloading servers. Cloud providers ensure that the infrastructure can support the needs of their clients.
  • Cost- In-house IT staff and equipment can be drastically reduced or even eliminated by moving to the cloud.
  • No Installation-This service can be very quick and easy to get up and running compared to downloading and maintaining hardware and software. The cloud delivers applications via the Internet, so all it requires is a simple log in.
  • Wide Range Network Access- Cloud based applications are delivered via the Internet and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Scalability- Most cloud applications can add users quickly and easily to fit a client’s needs,without acquiring expensive new physical infrastructure.

Will Your Clients Network Break Under Pressure?
Your client requires a network that is reliable, secure, and can provide the optimal bandwidth in order to smoothly operate cloud applications. Providing the best networks at the best price is our goal at Nitel. We match your clients business needs with the best option from over 100 providers nationwide.

To find out if your clients’ networks are ready for a switch to the cloud, contact Nitel today for a free network assessment.