Policy-based application routing is a key feature of SD-WAN that allows you to establish business rules to ensure priority handling of your most important traffic. In other words, it makes sure that the most important things you’re sending over your network get there as quickly as possible. How does it work?

Businesses use a variety of applications every day and IT leaders need a way to control how traffic flows across the network to ensure things like performance, security and user experience. For example, a customer might route voice traffic on one circuit and send other less important traffic like video streaming, music streaming and social media out on a different one to avoid interfering with the experience of their users’ telephone conversations. Policy-based application routing is the set of rules that make this work.

For customers, this means they can route their traffic with precise control to maximize network performance, meet security requirements, and provide a positive user experience. Our SD-WAN services have other ways to control traffic flow based on things like URLs and protocols, but we will cover those specific features on another episode of Bits & Bytes.

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