Damage control for every scenario

Even after all your preparation and safeguards, the worst has happened—it’s a possibility for any network. But don’t let things snowball. Get out in front of the problem and save money, time and stress with managed incident response. Our response plan includes set protocol, best practices and instructions in the event of a cyber attack.

Nitel provides an organized approach to addressing and managing the outcome of a security breach or attack with the following components:

  • Breach preparedness: Leverage our extensive investigatory experience to assess your current security posture and prepare an effective incident response and readiness plan.
  • Proactive investigation: Comprehensive analysis to determine if your environment is free of compromise
  • Capability assessment: Exercises the current capabilities and procedures of your security team, uncovering any potential gaps that could affect your security posture
  • Training: Provides your security team relevant, real-world skills to effectively protect your environment
  • Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) retainer: Secure a 24/7 team of global experts ready to respond to security incidents at a moment’s notice