Always connected. Always Ready.

Steady internet connectivity is critical for any business. But many applications don’t necessarily call for a full-blown fiber connection.  4G wireless connections provide business continuity as a failover option or solid primary access for non-critical traffic or difficult-to-reach locations.

As a failover solution, you’ll won’t worry about losing your connection even if your primary access circuit goes down.  You’ll be able to better serve your clients, work more seamlessly and grow at an uninterrupted rate.

For small offices, offices where terrestrial connections can be challenging or where internet traffic is less critical; a 4G wireless connection can be all that you need to ensure your business can access what they need, when they need it.

Keep your business up & running with a 4G solution from Nitel, and:

  • Increase network availability
  • Continue to serve your customers in the event of an outage on your primary access circuit
  • Protect your business from costly disruptions
  • Keep budgets in line
  • Provide cost-effective access to small offices, home offices or locations with non-business-critical traffic