You’ve probably been there before. You’re talking with a customer about upgrading their network when they tell you they have a few locations outside the U.S. What now? Customers expect a quick turnaround, but piecing together a network with international locations can be a challenge. Even just getting a price for simple internet can take weeks.

The Nitel network is designed for you. By interconnecting the best regional, national and global carrier networks, we have created a platform that enables instant coverage to every commercial building across the country as well as deep international coverage.

With our team of experts on your side, you will have access to:

  • Over 800 global transport vendors
  • Reach to over 180 countries

You tell us where your customers locations are and we’ll do the rest. Because Nitel is your single point of contact for worldwide network connectivity, you gain from the efficiencies and cost savings of having one provider for instant global coverage. You’ll also get instant pricing within North America so you can keep your projects on track.