Navigating network challenges, a prominent welding company sought a partner capable of delivering comprehensive solutions. Faced with a single-threaded network setup and the complexity of integrating their network platform with existing infrastructure, they encountered difficulties finding a provider that could fulfill all their needs. Nitel stepped in, surpassing expectations with an exceptional level of service delivery that addressed every challenge seamlessly. By implementing strategic moves such as backup solutions for network reliability and a significant reduction in monthly expenditures, Nitel not only integrated the new network with existing phone systems but also provided a SPIFF incentive to enhance partnership benefits. As a result, Nitel secured a deal encompassing 11 locations and generating $12K MRR.


By leveraging innovative solutions, the welding company overcame significant network challenges, achieving remarkable cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

  • Single-threaded network setup
  • Paid an exorbitant amount of monthly
  • Network System was clashing with their antique phone system


To address the network challenges faced by the manufacturing company, a series of strategic key moves were implemented.

The key moves that were pivotal in overcoming the company’s network issues, were:

  • Implemented a backup primary and secondary backup to ensure network reliability and survivability across all locations
  • Prioritized service delivery to meet the company’s high expectations and requirements
  • Cut their monthly spend down by 40%
  • Successfully integrated their network with their old phone systems, which was impossible with other companies
  • Provided the partner a 1X SPIFF incentive


As a result of Nitel’s comprehensive solutions and exceptional service delivery, the manufacturing company achieved significant improvements in their network infrastructure. By implementing backup solutions for enhanced reliability and reducing monthly expenditures by 40%, Nitel effectively integrated the Barracuda SD-WAN platform with existing phone systems—an accomplishment previously deemed impossible by other providers. This transformation not only optimized operational efficiency but also solidified Nitel’s role as a trusted partner capable of exceeding expectations in managing complex network challenges.

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