Streamlined Service Delivery Aligns Appropriate Support and Resources for Most Internet Services

CHICAGO – February 8, 2023 — Nitel, a leading network as a service (NaaS) provider, announced today the introduction of FasTrack, a new service delivery process aimed at accelerating and simplifying the implementation of most internet and broadband orders. These orders are managed by a newly created internal team focused on accelerated service delivery times and increased customer success.

Nitel rolled out the process on a limited basis during fourth quarter of last year. In the ensuing months, FasTrack orders experienced a 37% improvement in service delivery time frames, enabling the installation of most networks in 18-20 business days.

According to Michael Taylor, Nitel’s Senior Vice President of Customer Success, FasTrack was created to provide a tighter onboarding experience for broadband and certain basic internet services. Customers will see a streamlined experience that focuses on quicker installations while still emphasizing quality and thorough communication.

“There’s a clear difference in the level of complexity between more robust implementations and our ‘bread & butter’ internet services.” said Taylor. “We listened to our customers who told us that the experience we were delivering for straightforward implementations was overkill. They will appreciate the efficiency and simplicity of the FasTrack model, and it will reflect well on the channel partner. FasTrack is another example of our efforts to work with our partners and deliver a strong customer experience.”

Like all Nitel services, FasTrack orders will be visible through MyNitel, Nitel’s online destination for convenient, effortless management of a customer’s account and services. Through its unique order tracking functionality, customers can follow the progress of an order as it reaches key milestones.

“We are always working to help our channel partners create greater value for their customers,” said Mark Dickey, CRO of Nitel. “It is part of our customer success philosophy that pervades our organization and is designed to create greater value for customers through our channel partner network.”