This non-profit was looking for a budget-conscious solution to improve their network as they added new locations across the country. With a handful of critical applications and a lean IT staff, they needed a solution that would streamline their network management. While they were interested in basic reporting functionality, they typically pulled the same couple of reports every month that required very little customization. Like many customers, they needed their network and applications to be secure, but didn’t have the staffing or the skillset to manage a complex security solution.

Simplification with SD-WAN

Nitel’s engineers realized that an SD-WAN solution would address the customer’s needs while customizing the solution to fit their budget. They took time to examine which of Nitel’s SD-WAN platforms would best suit the customer. With multiple platforms to choose from, Nitel can create a more custom-tailored solution for customers. In this case, they chose a platform that offered more user-friendly network management with increased bandwidth and simple reporting capabilities. This solution used cable and DSL across many of their locations, providing the necessary internet functionality while improving their network performance. SD-WAN allowed it to be used as a supplemental capacity rather than traditional standby circuits. It also included integrated security that provided next-generation functionality including the malware protection they were looking for. The customer was also able to easily pull reports in order to make any necessary adjustments and business decisions necessary to operate more efficiently.

Two Solutions, One Perfect Fit

With two platforms to choose from, Nitel was able to recommend an SD-WAN solution that fulfilled the customer’s needs while avoiding overspending on features and functionality they didn’t need. If you have a customer looking to improve their network performance, let our team evaluate their needs and recommend a solution that best fits their business.