At Nitel, we have a smart, energetic and interesting group of people who make up our team. The unique set of experiences, skills and interests they each bring helps shape who we are as company. Elite partner advocate Lauren Campbell brings 5 years of telecom experience to Nitel. We sat down with Lauren to learn a little more about her.

  1. What are three words you would choose to describe yourself?
    Adventurous, honest and loyal.
  2. And to describe working at Nitel?
    Innovative, energetic and motivating.
  3. What’s your proudest moment working at Nitel?
    Starting the Elite Partner Support team with my fearless leader Chris Shubert. When I started Chris had a pretty good idea of what it would look like since he’s been in this role previously.  Since we started the program over a year ago, we’ve collaborated and made tweaks to better the partner and customer experience. Additionally we’ve been able to help create some positive changes within Nitel as far as processes go. Adding Joey Martinez to the team was just the icing on the cake.
  4. What is most rewarding about your job?
    It’s a tie between seeing hard work come to fruition through a satisfied partner or customer and being able to make positive changes within Nitel (processes, communication, etc.).
  5. What is something you have learned while working at Nitel?
    It’s important to look at the big picture; I love the fact that we’re a small enough company to create smart workarounds to ensure satisfied customers while not sacrificing quality. Knowing and understanding the intricacies of our internal processes is necessary in order to make things happen.
  6. What advice would you give to someone starting their career in telecom?
    Don’t take things personally and make sure you have a thick skin. Oh, and be ready for change, technology is ever-changing.
  7. How do you define success?
    Happiness- in and outside of work.
  8. What’s your motto or personal mantra?
    Always be kind; and work hard, play hard.
  9. Talk about something you’re passionate about outside of work.
    I love to cook. When I was growing up my grandpa owned a catering company that my dad ended up taking over for him. I love cooking their recipes and sharing them with loved ones. Luckily, my best friends love to cook, host parties and share recipes too, which makes it more fun…especially since we’re scattered across the country.
  10. What’s your favorite book and/or movie?
    My favorite book series is Harry Potter; favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music.
  11. Name one item on your bucket list.
    Hike the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu.
  12. If you were a Nitel service, which one would you be and why?
    Managed security because I do what I can to protect myself, those I love and things I’m passionate about; it’s also ever changing and able to adapt.